Ethyl Corporation Responds to Automakers 

Richmond, VA, August 2, 2002 - Ethyl Corporation (NYSE: EY), the marketer of MMT® gasoline additive, has just received a copy of the AAM fleet test report. Since we have not had the time to study the information in detail, we believe it is inappropriate to comment on it specifically.” These are words from Rich Mendel, Vice President of MMT marketing for Ethyl Corporation, commenting on the long-awaited results of the AAM fleet test study released this week by the auto industry.

Mendel added, “We stress again that MMT has been used for 25 years with no problems. Tens of millions of vehicles have travelled over two trillion miles using MMT in unleaded fuel. We are unaware of any case where MMT has shown to be harmful and we stand by the product.”

MMT® gasoline additive reduces dependence on crude oil and energy consumption, helps reduce refinery emissions and therefore is effective in the reduction of greenhouse gases. Through the use of MMT, refiners can formulate cleaner burning fuels resulting in lower tailpipe emissions of regulated and toxic pollutants.

Thomas E. Gottwald, CEO and President of Ethyl, said, "MMT is one of the most extensively tested fuel additives in history. The U.S. EPA and the Canadian government have extensively studied the product and have determined that MMT does not harm vehicle emission systems. The additive is an environmentally beneficial product that has proven its effectiveness in real world use.”