Ethyl Provides Greenburn® Combustion Technology to Petrol Ofisi for New Prodizel Plus Premium Diesel Fuel 
Richmond, VA, (March 22, 2004) - Petrol Ofisi, the largest oil company in Turkey has today launched a new premium diesel fuel, Prodizel Plus, based on the exclusive use of Ethyl’s (NYSE: EY) Greenburn® Combustion Technology.

This latest enhancement to the quality of Petrol Ofisi’s fuel comes about as the result of an ongoing cooperative product development process.  Prodizel Plus offers all of the features of its Prodizel predecessor; less smoke, cleaner engines and better performance, with the added advantage of having the best ignition quality of any fuel in Turkey.  The increase in ignition quality offers the Turkish consumer such benefits as; quieter running, reduced exhaust emissions, reduced white smoke, reduced exhaust odor and quicker cold startup.

Ethyl Corporation develops, manufactures, blends, and delivers chemical additives that enhance the performance of petroleum products.  From custom-formulated chemical blends to market-general additive components, Ethyl provides the world with the technology to make fuels burn cleaner, engines run smoother and machines last longer.

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