About NewMarket

Through the years, our values have remained the same.

Today’s NewMarket Corporation is a far cry from its beginnings in 1887 as the Albemarle Paper Manufacturing Company. As the world has evolved, so have we. And now we’re recognized worldwide as the well-balanced holding company for some of the most respected and successful companies within the petroleum additives industry.

Much of our success and expansion over the last century is owed to adding new industry-leading solutions and growing our base of customers. But another large part has come from strategic acquisitions.

Against the background of a changing global economy, this combination has helped us gain a worldwide reputation for delivering value to our customers and equity to our shareholders.

Today, NewMarket Corporation provides strategic guidance and insight for our family of companies. By leveraging our centralized resources, our family of companies are able to respond quickly to local market conditions and specific customer needs.

While our business has certainly evolved since we manufactured paper products over a century ago, the way we operate remains unchanged. Everyone we deal with — employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities – can feel confident that NewMarket and its people act with honesty, integrity, and fairness.