NewMarket Companies

NewMarket Corporation is the parent of leading manufacturing and support companies specializing in petroleum additives and critical performance additives used in space launch and military defense applications.   These companies include Afton Chemical Corporation, American Pacific Corporation, Ethyl Corporation, NewMarket Services Corporation, and NewMarket Development Corporation.

By leveraging the expertise of each organization under NewMarket’s leadership, we’re able to better align our global resources and give each individual company the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in local markets and deliver value to our many customers.

Afton Chemical Corporation

Afton Chemical Corporation develops and manufactures petroleum additives that help fuels burn cleaner and more efficiently, engines run smoother, and machines last longer.

  • Performance fuels and refinery additives such as gasoline performance additives, diesel fuel additives, lubricity improvers and cold flow improvers.
  • Driveline products such as automotive gear oil and automatic transmission fluids.
  • Engine oil additives for passenger cars, heavy-duty diesel engines, and railroad and marine diesel engines
  • Industrial products such as anti-wear and R&O hydraulic oils, industrial specialty chemicals, industrial gear oils and grease.

Afton Chemical supports global operations through its corporate headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, and operates globally through local offices, research facilities and manufacturing plants strategically located throughout the world.

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American Pacific Corporation

American Pacific Corporation is a leading specialty materials manufacturer of critical chemicals for some of the U.S. Government’s most vital military and space programs, and clean fire extinguishing agents for the fire protection industry.

America Pacific produces highly technical materials through proprietary processes for use in space launch and military defense applications, as well as fire suppression applications.

The Company operates out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in Cedar City, Utah.

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Ethyl Corporation

Since 1921, Ethyl Corporation has provided chemical manufacturing and supply solutions to enhance the performance of products across diverse industries.

From multiple manufacturing options to advanced analytical, logistical, engineering and process commercialization services, Ethyl Corporation meets market needs as a leading U.S. supplier of tetraethyl lead for aviation and racing fuel. In addition, Ethyl produces a range of fuel and lubricant additives for the Afton Chemical subsidiary of NewMarket Corp.

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NewMarket Services Corporation

NewMarket Services Corporation provides operational support to the entire family of NewMarket companies.

These support services range from treasury, asset management and corporate development, to information technology, human resources, government relations and general legal counsel.

NewMarket provides centers of excellence to all companies operating as part of the NewMarket family, allowing each organization to benefit from strong global resource alignment.

NewMarket Development Corporation

NewMarket Development Corporation manages the development of real estate, focusing primarily in the eastern parts of the United States. NewMarket Development has received noted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) awards for projects being built to high environmental standards established by the U. S. Green Building Council.